In order to become the person you want to be, and live the life of your dreams...

You must change your energy.

What does this mean?

We are all connected.  In quantum physics, string theory says that at the tiniest level of existence, everything is made of tiny, vibrating strings of energy.  Even Albert Einstein spent a lot of time trying to prove this.

The rate at which those strings vibrate is their "frequency."

Our bodies are made of energy, and so are our thoughts, emotions, and memories.

If our energy bodies are vibrating at lower, heavier levels - we feel emotions like guilt, sadness, grief, and apathy.  Those levels keep us in "bad vibes," attract bad things to us, and keep us sick!

When we vibrate at higher levels, we feel light and magnetic.  We feel emotions like joy, love, reason, and enlightenment.


We are beings of energy - electromagnetism to be exact.  Our energy is literally a magnet for our desires.

Quite often, past experiences, subconscious programming from childhood, or negative thoughts can become stuck in our energy fields, which prevent us from reaching higher vibrations.

The Institute of HeartMath has scientifically proven that emotional information is actually encoded into our energy fields.

The Electromagnetic Field of the Heart (via HeartMath)

The Electromagnetic Field of the Heart (via HeartMath)

By learning to shift our emotions, that’s changing the information we’re encoding into the magnetic fields radiated by the heart - and that can impact those around us.

We are fundamentally and deeply interconnected with each other, and the planet itself, and what we do individually really does count - and matters.
— Dr. Rollin McCraty