Heal Into Love

Divine Alignment Program


Entire Energy Body Guided Healing
through the Chakras

7 Energy Healing Audio Exercises
Vibrational Tool Guide (Essential Oils and Healing Crystals) PDF
Healing Crystal Body Layouts PDF
Lifetime Access
Bonus: Understanding Pain & Dis-ease* Guided Meditation

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Lifetime Access: $129

What Program Participants Are Saying...


"I just finished doing the heart chakra opening meditation and wowwww! That’s been the most powerful one for me so far! Loved it! I was visualizing the things I needed to release as small balls of light and they were coming out of me and the Universe took them and filled me with divine white light. It was amazing!"

- Jillian Alyse
The Globetrotting Unicorn

"I’m literally crying right now.  I was holding so much weight I didn’t know I had.  I’ve had anxiety for years.  This program made my whole body feel at ease.  I had no idea I could feel this way!  Thank you so much!!" - Melody J.

"I've just completed the Heal into Love program and I feel amazing! If you haven't done it I fully recommend it.  This was definitely divine timing at its best...I was feeling so drained and anxieties were creeping in, now I feel like I've got new batteries and I just want to hug everyone! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful program." - Rachael B.

"I watched that movie The Secret, and tried to look on the bright side of things. Something always came up and got in the way.  My car battery died, there was a leak in my house that flooded the kitchen.  I didn’t realize it was my energy that kept attracting these things.  I feel so much happier now - and my mom even noticed that people were staring at me as I walked by!  I know it was my vibration!" - Martita L.

"I listened to the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra recordings after my whole existential funk and honestly I felt much better after listening to them.  I can’t explain why or how but I feel “lighter,” less burdened." - Nikki D.



"I just listened to the third eye chakra one and wow!!!  It was exactly what I needed today!  I diffused frankincense during since that's what was recommended plus it's my favorite."

- Kristen Bobertz
Owner, Rosy Begonia

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Program Contents


Accessing Your Soul's Guidance

This Crown Chakra clearing will connect you to soul, in order to receive guidance from your true self.  Together, we will access your subconscious mind in order to install new beliefs of self-worth, connection, trust, and intelligence.


Your Intuition & Spiritual Sight

During this healing, we will clear any energetic blocks related to your spiritual sight, accessing your intuition, or receiving your spiritual gifts.


Authentic Expression & Speaking Your Truth

Here, we will heal any energetic blockages within your Throat Chakra.  Afterwards, you will feel free to speak your truth, communicate effectively with others, and listen to understand.


Giving and Receiving Love

In this healing, we will connect inward to your Heart Chakra.  We will guide you towards forgiveness, love, compassion, and understanding towards yourself and others.


Self Confidence & Power

This Solar Plexus Chakra healing will connect you with your personal power.  We will clear any energy blocks related to your self esteem, self confidence, and ability to show up powerfully as yourself.


Opening Up to Receiving

The Sacral Chakra is an energy vortex related to creation, sensuality, and receiving.  Together, we will heal any past trauma stored within your womb and reproductive centers, while bringing in high vibrational energy to restore and renew.


Feeling Secure and Abundant

Most people have blockages within their Root Chakras, and this healing was created with that in mind.  Fear and worry will be healed, along with concern for finances, your physical body, and being connected to the physical dimension.


Vibrational Healing Tool Guide

This PDF lists healing crystals, essential oils, and flower essences that resonate with each of the seven main Chakras.


Healing Crystal Body Layouts PDF

This guide shows specific healing crystal layouts for each of the 7 main Chakras, as well as a layout for grounding, and layout for balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.



Understanding Pain and Dis-Ease Meditation*

In this meditation, we will go deep into the reason for your pain or sickness.  If an issue is not addressed within the energy body, it will manifest as an illness or ailment within the physical body.  Once we identify the reason, together we can send love and healing energy.

*Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Energy Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.  The information in this program does not substitute for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions by physicians or other qualified healthcare providers.