Your energy field is thought to contain 7 main energy centers, often referred to as the Chakras.

The flow through your Chakras is what creates your dominant vibration.  It is the channel of creation.  When an energy block exists in one or more Chakras, it can bring down your main frequency and block you from creating/receiving your intentions from the universe.

Healing energy blockages within the Chakras frees you to vibrate high and manifest with ease. When you clear your channel of creation, you automatically come into alignment with your soul's highest good.

When you release the fear and raise your vibration to higher levels of consciousness, the possibilities are limitless:

  • Vibrant health
  • Great relationships, full of love
  • Freedom to express yourself
  • A greater connection to spirit
  • Realizing your soul's purpose
  • Self respect, confidence, and high self esteem
  • Feeling safe and secure, free from doubt
  • Letting go of worry and fear
  • Co-creating your life with the universe
  • Living a life full of love, passion, and purpose